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Help! hacked? webcore awesomium a virus?

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I did something incredibly stupid. I was on Ancestry.com
and tried to click on a link to access something on their site .I got a pop up saying the link wouldn't work because of pop up blocker or something like that. It gave a phone number for how to get it fixed. I've actually had issues on Ancestry and been directed to call with problems.
This time I got someone who asked how old my system was and had me type in a www. address and input a code. As soon as I did that I had a bad feeling and hung up. I restarted the laptop and from that point on got a pop up every time I tried a link on any web site with the same message but a different number every time.
I copied all of my important files to dvds. I had a problem with using my recovery discs and the laptop was a 2008 model so I bought a new laptop. I went to open a file for my taxes and inside the file there was another file that said debug and there were no other files. That didn't make sense. I opened that up and inside was this message [0409/133412:INFO:(0)] WebCore is now online.
[0409/133412:INFO:(0)] Running Awesomium
Every other file is intact. I'm panicked that I've been hacked as a result of my stupidity. Any help would be most appreciated.
I didn't get the right answer from the internet.

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